Zbuilder 4

Tsvetomir Georgiev
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Create an unique Human or Creature model without any Zbrush skills.

Zbuilder 4 is a plugin for Zbrush. With this tool you can make detailed high polygon human or creature models into Zbrush.

Supported Zbrush versions:

Zbrush 2020 Win / OSX

Zbrush 2021 Win / OSX

Zbrush 2022  Win / OSX
Zbrush 2023  Win / OSX


Before you buy the product please make sure you have read the sections: 



IMPORT / EXPORT SET: will allow you to export or import your custom preset of your creation. Or just share it with your friends that have Zbuilder 4.

IMPORT / EXPORT MODEL: will allow you to export or import your zbuilder 4 model. It will export the model in ZTL ,OBJ and all texture maps ( color, normal , displace, AO and cavity) Ready to be imported into other applications.

EDIT POSE: will allow you to make basic pose of your model. You can save or load your pose.

EDIT MODEL: will allow you to edit your Zbuilder 4 model into Zbrush and integrate it again into ZBuilder 4 plugin as a custom preset. And continue using all Zbuilder 4 features.

RANDOMIZE: if you think that you need help with creating a unique human or creature just use this button and Zbuilder 4 will make models for you .

SET MIXERS TO: will allow you to bake your custom zbuilder creation to the zbuilder mix layers and after that to mix it with the zbuilder models.

SET HAIRSTYLE:  will allow you to choose between different hairstyles

EDIT MASKING: will allow you to  change the fiber mask and save or load it .

PRESET MENUS: will allow you to choose between different presets for : lighting, materials ,fibers, morphing and posing . You just need to click on it and it will apply on the model without any additional operations.

INCLUDE MANY COLORIZED HIGH POLY MODELS: Human models for Male, Female, Heavy, Skinny, Baby, Child,Older, Muscle, Ecorche, Primate and more. + 20 creature models. That you can mix together and make unique humans and creatures.

EXPORT RENDER PASES: will allow you to export all render passes of your model: (Depth, Mask, Shaded, Shadows, SSS, AO) in PNG and TIF format ready to be edited in other applications like Photoshop.

ALL NEW UPDATES WILL BE FREE: If you get Zbuilder 4 all of the next updates which will contain more human and creature shapes will be free for you .You just need to re-download the plugin and the license file.


- The models have clear UVW map

- Clear Edge loop topology ready for rigging and animations

- Render presets : Draft, Best, Ultra, will make great presentation of your model.

- View Modes:  SHADE VIEW, CLAY VIEW, PENCIL VIEW and FIBER VIEW will allow you to choose how to see your model while working on it

- And much more..

  • LICENSE: You can use the tool for unlimited commercial or noncommercial projects like games , movies , 3d prints and etc. You can sell physical 3D or 2D prints on online stores .You can't resale digital 3D models created with help of Zbuilder on online marketplace stores , game assets stores ,3d print stores for digital models or other online stores for digital 3D models.

  • THIS IS NOT REFUNDABLE!!! You are buying a digital product that contain many 3d models and settings, you cannot physically give the product back to fairly get your money back. I am giving this warning for anyone that buys and then asks for a refund for any reason. However If you have any questions you can send a message to the support mail and you will get all the help that you need.

  • ACTIVATION CODE:  After you install the plugin and start it you will be asked for activation code. You just need to send a message to the support mail with your invoice attached and your license code from Zbuilder and you will get activation code.

Support email: cecopsychoart@yahoo.com

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Hope you will like it :)

BTW: If you like this plugin you can take a look on my other Zbuilder plugins in my profole: https://gumroad.com/ceco

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Zbuilder 4

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